Gala González es la influencer española que ha estado varios días aislada al creer que tenía coronavirus, pero al final era Gripe A. Ella cuenta su historia, denuncia la falta de control con la que volvió a Madrid y cómo fue su estancia en la cuarentena

Gala González es una influencer española con renombre a nivel internacional por centrar su negociado en el mundo de la moda. El mismo que le llevó a mediados del pasado mes a Milán, donde se celebraba su Semana de la Moda, y donde surgió uno de los brotes de coronavirus más grandes de Europa y por donde ha entrado la pandemia a España y otros muchos enclaves del continente. Una enfermedad que ha mantenido aislada en cuarentena a la joven influencer, que ha querido contar su historia en primera persona.

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This is my #CoVid19 Story Until today only a handful really knew why I’ve been all of the sudden absent from all Paris activities during the past 3 days having to cancel shows & events I felt the need to share my story even if I’m writing this from bed still struggling in pain. It all started last Sunday (to my horror) after I woke up covered in horrible body aches and high fever. Normally I would have quickly accepted my fate but because only a week before I had been in Milan (right when&where #coronavirus broke in Europe) it was decided I needed to be rushed straight to hospital without further questioning. Riddle with chills, an unstoppable dry cough and a devouring fever that came out of nowhere I started to twist my head around the fact of how/where/when this could have happened to me and most important: all the people I’ve had been in contact with that I could have potentially put at risk. Once at the hospital (the ward I was kept at looked more like a horror flick where doctors wore full on Ebola plastic suits) I was placed in quarantine for over a day while they run all kind of tests to figure out which virus was actually inside of me. I would lie if I said I wasn’t scared or upset. All I could think of is how I was going to explain this and the guilt I would feel if I had put someone else at risk. After waiting in a quarantine ward with zero access to the outside world another 12hrs later on I was finally given an all clear for coronavirus but instead I had tested positive for it’s predecessor: Flu type A (same pandemic but a few years ago) I was strongly advise against displaying to the public any information to avoid spreading unwanted panic. It wasn't until today that I was able to pick up my phone to write this, and If you ask me I’ve understood now that we all are going to end up facing the new mutation of the virus at some point, sooner or later. What truly upsets me is to think that some people can be very selfish and instead of taking time off to recover and protect others they rather go out to shows,parties & events (it’s called FOMO!) without thinking of the risks they are putting others under. Please think of the others too? ?❣️

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Tras haber viajado a Milán, como así hicieron influencers y rostros conocidos de todo el mundo para captar las nuevas tendencias en moda, Gala González tuvo que ser puesta en cuarentena. Presentaba una sintomatología similar a la que se describe al coronavirus, por lo que pronto se activó el protocolo de seguridad para evitar el contagio. Afortunadamente, la influencer no ha resultado infectada por Covid-19, pero sí ha dado positivo en Gripe A, un virus que causó pánico años atrás y que ahora se considera más común y controlado.